Parts of Speech/Literary Concepts Resource Pages

Choices For a Page Topic

1. Nouns (Devin)
2. Verbs (Dylan)
3. Adjectives (Reese)
4. Adverbs (Lydia
5. Pronouns (Gabby
6. Articles(Cameron)
7. Prepositions (Olivia)
8. Interjections (Jessica)
9. Conjunctions (Olivia)
10. Similes vs Metaphors (Samantha)
11. Genres of Literature (Marcus)
12. Character Types (Dynamic, Static, Flat, Round) (Charlise)
13. Elements of a Short Story (Plot, Character, conflict, theme) (Charlie)
14. Point of View (first person ,third person) (Jordan)

2012 Top Resource Pages


1. Create a Page
2. Name it Page title, members names, hour(Sample Nounsralphsteve6)
3. Tag it resourcejackson13
4. Include the following
  • A. A nicely designed title (Nouns-use cooltext or a similar site)
  • B. A researched definition from a reliable website
  • C. A simple defintion in your own words
  • D. A plethora of examples of common words that are your part of speech
  • E. Ten sample sentences using your part of speech
  • F. An original graphic of your part of speech (glogster, goanimate, Inspiration, photostory, etc.). Must be embedded on your page (no links).
  • G. A video on your part of speech from YouTube (must be embedded, avoid Grammar Rock)
  • H. Be prepared to give a five minute presentation/ lesson on your page contents
  • I. Link it to both partners wiki portfolio page

**All of these should be on a nicely designed page. Style is extremely important!
5. The Purdue OWL is outstanding for Research. Also, can be helpful.
6. Project Rubric