1. Enter the essay in Criterion. Criterion Link

  2. Create a page
  3. Name it last name letter(Jacksonletter)
  4. Tag it "futureletter"
  5. Copy and Paste your letter from Criterion onto the page
  6. Enjoy the rest of the hour!

Letter to Future Students

For today's assignment, you will be writing letters to next years' students detailing you experiences this year and what you learned from them. Essays should be at least five-paragraph. A paragraph is considered five to seven well-developed sentences. Here is a sample outline of what each paragraph should include...

Paragraph 1

  • Introduce yourself
  • Greet the reader
  • Let them know what the remainder of your essay will be about "This essay will detail how to be a successful student in..."

Paragraph 2

  • Successful Study Habits
  • Preparing for tests
  • Completing class work

Paragraph 3

  • Behavior in class, what constitutes good/bad behavior
  • Warnings for students
  • Why a student should behave properly

Paragraph 4

  • How to be successful in projects
  • What you thought of the class as a whole

Paragraph 5

  • Restate essay topic
  • Closing greeting
  • Overall thought of what you learned this school year