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Leaders Project:

Chapter 4 Great Lakes: Olivia K
Chapter 6 National Parks: Katie,
Chapter 8 Migration: Donavin
Chapter 10 Mayans: Brooklyn
Chapter 11 Extreme Weather: Lizzie
Chapter 14 EU: Griffin
Chapter 17 Russias Landscape: Damonte & Aaron
Chapter 19 The Nile: Kate
Chapter 18 New Soviet Nations: Jack
Chapter 21 Women in Africa: Jane
Chapter 29 Mt. Everest: Rachel
Chapter 30 China: Asia
Chapter 34: The Pacific Islands: Holden
History of Detroit: Jay

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Presentation Dates(Tentative):

Thursday, May 15: Kate(The Nile), Katie(National Parks)
Friday, May 16: Griffin(EU), Jack(Soviet Nations)
Monday, May: 19: Jay(Detroit), Olivia(Great Lakes)
Wednesday, May 21: Asia(China), The Pacific Islands(Holden)
Thursday, May 22: Rachel (Mt. Everest), Damonte/Aaron(Russia's Landscape)
Friday, May 23: Brooklyn (mayans), Donavin(Migration)
Monday, May 26: Lizzie(Weather), Jane(Women of Africa)

Brooklyn and Sophia Mayans

Project: You will create a presentation to teach other students about your area of expertise. You may use Prezi or another Presentation Device that is not PowerPoint.

You will need.....
  1. Seven Slide Lesson
  • A Slide Covering three important vocabulary terms (these can be Geoterms or other important terms from the chapter. Simplify the definition(it cannot be the same as the book and have a picture for each term for further understanding)
  • Three slides summarizing the key components of the chapter(no more than 30 words per slide...you should be able to elaborate on the topics you cover since you are an expert)
  • A practice quiz slide: This should prepare students for the real quiz. Do no make this overly difficult, but it should be questions they could not answer before the presentation. Be sure to include your vocabulary terms
  • At least one embedded video: Keep it under five minutes and have a planned area of focus for the students while watching the video. Also, plan subsequent discussion questions.
  • One critical thinking question (this is a question that there is not a yes or no answer to...such as What is the best use of the land in the Amazon Rainforest and Why?

2. A five question quiz

  • At least two questions about vocabulary terms
  • Questions should be covered in presentation and reviewed in the practice quiz
  • Remember...not too difficult...but they should have learned the material in the presentation

Additional Considerations that will help your grade

  • Repeat and ask questions to your audience throughout the presentation(particularly with the key concepts).
  • Encourage classmates to write down anything important(they will be able to use notes on the quiz). Tell them exactly what they need to write down.
  • Keep your classmates involved as much as possible
  • Try to have fun with the presentation....How much do you learn when a teacher bores you to death?
  • If you want to do something outside the box, ask Mr. Jackson. I would love to see variety!

After Presentation:

Reflection: Write a half page reflection on how you think your lesson went. In this reflection, detail what grade you deserve and why.