Entrepreneurial Project

Welcome to the most anticipated project of the year!

1. Create a business plan
It is a requirement for all new businesses that you first create a business plan
Your business plan will...
  1. Introduce yourself (experience, education, skills)
  2. What is your product?
  3. Why would it be successful?
  4. How much will it cost to start?
  5. Who will consume(buy) your product?
  6. What are your plans (timeline)?
  7. What are your expectations for sales?
  8. What does it cost to make your product and what will you sell it for (profit margin)?
  9. How will you advertise your product?
  10. What are some potential pitfalls and how do you plan to overcome them?
2. Use Criterion to revise the business plan

Criterion Page

How to Write a Business Plan (Wikihow)

Business Plan Questions to answer

Eric Ersher Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur presentation

Business Plan Critique (12/2/13)

Post Business Plan here
1. Create a Page
2. Name it "hourbpfirstname" (eg 3bpdan)
3. Tag it "bpjackson"
4. Title It " Business Plan"
5. Copy and Paste from Criterion your Business Plan
6. Format it so it is readable(Wiki has limitations so do the best you can)
7. Find three classmates to critique their business plans (they must not have more than two comments already)
  1. Correct any grammar and spelling errors using a different font culor( "color")
  2. Answer the following questions in the comment section (copy and paste)
  3. Why do you think the product would make money?
  4. Why do you think the product would not make money?
  5. Is this product creative or innovative? Why or why not?
  6. What additional comments do you have about the product (positive or negative)?

Group Plan 12/5/13
1. Go to your previous business plan page and on the bottom 1. If you're leaving your business, write a paragraph explaining why. (problems with prior business, really like other person's idea, business plan full of criticisms you never thought of, ) Also, detail why you like the new product that you're partnering with. Post link to new page.
2. If you have someone joining your business, post why they are joining. (how will they be helpful, what is their area of speciality, endorse their background, )

A Paragraph is at least six sentences!

Then, Complete a quick business assessment.
1. What are two great things your product (from the comments)?
2. What are two things your business needs to improve (also from the comments)? Then, explain how you will improve the business based on these criticisms.

Marketing Plan (12/6/13)

1. Open these two documents below

2. Go to the Business Plan Page you are using
3. Create a new section entitled "Marketing Plan" (make it a header)
4. Complete the Marketing Plan Outline (Use the Completed Plan as a reference).
5. If you struggle with completing certain items, the Internet is a wonder place and research is a wonderful skill!
How to write a vision statement!
6. Upon completing the plan, continue with page design.

Marketing/ Advertising Day 2 (12/9/13-12/10/13)

1. Review Material from 12/6/13: Anything not finished, you must complete before going forward.
2.. Post your Marketing Plan as a picture to your business plan page (Links are not acceptable). The wiki only accepts JPEGs and GIFs. You will need to screenshot the document and then edit it in paint. Use the internet to research "how to screen shot." I will not tell any groups how to screen shot.
  • Press Fn +print screen(f11)
  • Open Paint go to edit paste
  • Cut around Marketing plan with dotted box
  • Copy Box
  • Open New Paint Window
  • Edit Paste Again
  • Save as GIF or JPEG
  • Upload to wiki Page as Image
3. After your picture is posted, make a nice banner for your "Business Plan" and "Marketing Plan."
4. If extra time, research how companies use social media to advertise their products. (read the article below)
Article on Social Media Advertising
5. Investigate Twitter, YouTube Channels, etc and check out how they use their pages.

12/11/13 Advertising with Social Media

1. You will create a social media page for your business (one for each group member).


12/13/13 Embed/Link Social Media Pages

1. Embed and Link Fakebook Page
2. Link other sites
3. Should all be on the Main Business Plan page
4. Arrange page nicely

Mikes Motorcycles on Fakebook

Follow Pepsi on Instagram
Follow Mikes on Fakebook!

12/17/13 Commercial Script

Complete a well organized commercial script. Complete the following below as you will need to complete this before you are allowed to film.

12/19/13 Filming Commercials

Today, we will begin filming our commercials. We will leave in three different 14 minute waves. Start times will be...

2nd: 9:20-9;34, 9:35-9:49, 9:49-10:03
3rd: 10:21-10:35, 10:35-10:49, 10:49-11:03
4th: 11:20-11:34, 11:34-11:48, 11:48-12:02
*Remember to be respectful of other classes while filming. Do not film by open doors or next to classes in progress. If you have to speak loud in a scene, use the area underneath the stairwells and shut the door*

When you are not filming, you will begin editing using iMovie. From the computer lab, first view this tutorial.

For a more detailed information visit the IOS website..

IOS Website

  1. Copy and Paste your script to your business plan page.
  2. Remember to save your project!
  3. Write down which iPad you are filming from and using iMovie!
  4. If nothing else, continue with page design.

Posting the commericial to the wiki (1/13/14)

  1. Save your iMovie to the camera roll.
  2. Create a dropbox account (dropbox is an app on the iPad.....use your school e-mail).
  3. Save the iMovie from the camera roll to the dropbox.
  4. Put the Ipad away, grab a laptop.
  5. Visit dropbox.com and access your account.
  6. Save the iMovie from your dropbox on your H-Drive (give unique name). You will download the video, but click save instead of download. After it downloads, you will need to "move file" to H-Drive.
  7. Upload the the Imovie from your H-Drive as an image.

Is My Commercial Ready to Publish?

  1. Is the sound quality good in every scene (no background noise, can't hear the actors, etc.)?
  2. Could my commercial benefit from sound effects (clapping, laughter, lightening)?
  3. Have I inserted background music for quiet scenes?
  4. Should I insert a title slide or credits?
  5. Have I had another group watch it and give meaningful feedback?

Pitch Information 2/6/13

Now, a little information on the project. For each class hour, you will see between 7-10 student entrepreneurs. These students will give you a business pitch under three minutes in duration. Each panelist will then ask them a question about their product. The panelist can ask any question as students are expected to know their products very well. Here are some sample questions..
1. What does product sell for and what does it cost you to make (profit margin)?
2. How do you plan to advertise this product?
3. There are similar products already on the market, what makes your product different?
4. Why will this product make money?
5. What consumer problem does your product solve?
After the question round, you will rate each student on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories. There will also be an area for comments if necessary.
1. How well did the student know their product/business?
2. How well did the student present their product/business?
3. How well did the student use a visual aid to improve their presentation?
4. Did the student make a strong pitch making you believe their product would be profitable?
5. Overall strength of business pitch.