Book Trailer Project

Final Vote

Posting iMovies to the Wiki

  1. Save the Movie to the camera roll
  2. Log in to drop box
  3. Upload the video to the dropbox
  4. Log on to from a computer
  5. Press the download key but instead of downloading, save it to your h-drive
  6. Upload the file to your wiki page as a file
  7. Save it
*If you are not able to complete any of these steps see another classmate or Mr. Jackson.....A project not uploaded to your page will result in lost points*

"A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailer to promote books and encourage readers. Common formats of book trailers include actors performing scenes from the book akin to a movie trailer, full production trailers, flash videos, animation or simple still photos set to music with text conveying the story"

For this project, you may create your own trailer or you make work with one other person. DO NOT EVEN ASK TO WORK IN A GROUP OF THREE OR MORE!


  1. Create a Page
  2. Name the page Booktitlelastnamelastname (eg The Fault in Our StarsJacksonFisher)
  3. Tag it Jacksontrailer
  4. View Trailer Samples and Links below
  5. Create a script and post it to the wiki(you can do this in the note section of the iPad)
  6. After the script is approved, you will receive a filming pass if it is approved.
  7. Remember to make it simple but meaningful

Book Trailer iTutorial

  1. Leviathan Caleb M.
  2. 68roomsCarielGamlin
  3. ASnickerofmagicFlannery
  4. Book Trailer The Mighty Miss MaloneAli
  5. BreadcrumbsBlumbergsFinkelstein
  6. Counting by 7'sGolubovicSnead
  7. Countingby7'sJackson
  8. Countingby7sCho
  9. Cruveball Taniguchi
  10. Darth Bane- Brown
  11. DivergentBradburyDeMarco
  12. EmeraldAtlasLarson
  13. EmeraldAtlasMueller
  14. FinkBreadcrumbs
  15. HoldFastBudnar
  16. Lair Lair Henderson
  17. LairLairGreen
  18. Le secret de Louise Olivia Gillard
  19. LegendCollonRussell
  20. LegendLarson
  21. LegendMaddyAutumn
  22. LegendMeilinger
  23. LegendParker
  24. Legendsowle
  25. LegendSteeleJohns
  26. LegendWatson
  27. LegondAriuswBlakeZ
  28. Leviathan
  29. Leviathan Andrew A and Sena Q
  30. Leviathan Caleb Mckeever
  31. Leviathan Sena Q.
  32. LeviathanAikinsBrandt
  33. LeviathanAlkatibQuashie
  34. LeviathanCheradame
  35. LeviathanJames
  36. LeviathanScivolettiBrandt
  37. Liar LiarBiggens
  38. LiarLiar Bryani&Trinity
  39. LiarLiarlandershardy
  40. LiarLiarWalker
  41. Marcus & Devin Little Rock Girl 1957
  42. MiddleSchoolThomas
  43. OneCrazySummerDudeck
  44. OneCrazySummerRuprichMantua
  45. outofmymindbumbaugh
  46. Outofmymindtran
  47. Paperboy Dominic G.
  48. Rangers Apprentice Robinson
  49. Rangers ApprenticeJordanRodgersCollinMiller
  50. RedPyramidLyublinFischer
  51. RithmatistSmith
  52. SevenWondersbook1&2Devinw&Alston A
  53. The Emerald AtlasWyattHeaton
  54. The Fault In our Stars JasmineRo
  55. The Fault In Our Stars Moore Green
  56. The Ghosts og Tupelo Landing_Lucken
  57. The One and Only Ivan Cameron J.
  58. the one and only ivanSarver
  59. The Romeo and Juliet Code Noorily
  60. The Romeo and Juliet CodeRandolphYates
  61. TheLionsofLittleRockFisher
  62. Theoneandonlyivanhupp
  63. TheOneandOnlyIvanKowalchuk
  64. TheOneandOnlyIvanMyersCook
  65. TheOneAndOnlyIvanPiotrowicz
  66. TheOneandOnlyIvanRomanSutton
  67. Theoneandonlyivansarriswasvary
  68. TheOneandOnlyIvanZakoRamirez
  69. theredpyramidllope
  70. TheredpyramidSpilkin
  71. TheRomeoAndJulietCodeArvantStempien
  72. Wonder Bastian Giles
  73. WonderAsmar
  74. WonderCohenSchwartz
  75. WonderJohnson
  76. WonderLailaBrooks
  77. WonderRuiz
  78. WonderStruckPierceDelly
  79. Worderlydiarolf
  80. Wounder StruckButtazoni

Step By Step Instructions

Sample Trailers

2nd Period Pages

Tag: Jacksontrailer2

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