Business Plan

Have you ever slipped from the satin on your pointe shoes? Well, not anymore! I'm Chloe C and I'm here to give you tip-toes!

The name of my product is tip-toes. By putting tip-toes on your pointe shoes,you can break them in without tearing up the toe. It is also removable for performances.

This product will be successful because many dancers ruin their pointe shoes by cutting off the satin. By putting on tip-toes, the toe of your pointe shoes can stay looking new!

It will succeed because now dancers because dancers don't have to ruin their shoes. Instead, they can put my product on their pointe shoes and take it off. My product would probably range from $10 for one pair $20 for two pair and $30 for three pair. I think the price would be 200 dollars a week starting out.

Younger dancers would probably want to buy my product because professionals don't mind the satin or how their pointe shoes look.

I will advertise by having my friends at dance try tip-toes out. If they liked them, I would start to extend the advertisement. Creating a website would also be one of my advertisement systems. I could inform people about my website on instagram too.

Some criticisms might be that people don't like having something on the outside of their shoe. Maybe they don't mind their shoes pealing or don't care about having to cut the satin off. Tip-toes also being like band aids may also be a pain for some people to take on and off too.

The potential criticism or pitfall would probably be of the product being something that actually added work to being on/in pointe shoes. Also, younger dancers want what the professional dancers have and if the professional dancers don't buy the product, the younger dancers won't want to. I could overcome this by making the product easier to use and/or take on and off. I could also encourage the younger dancers to buy it even if the professional dancers don't.

My product is great because you can break your pointe shoes in but they won't get ripped up. They are also removable so that when it comes time for performances, your shoe will be broken in and the satin will look brand new!

Tip-toes fixes your problems with slipping on satin or your pointe shoes dying because they are too ripped up. The product will be very successful because of its purpose to help the dancers. Even though there will be some criticism, I will be able to over come it by improving the product until no one can criticize it. Join in with tip-toes!


Chloe Collon


My business is burning up!!!! I have decided to leave my business. I decided that because my product would have taken a long time to make, I should try to join a better business that is easier to make. I have joined Lily Russell's business of Fat Daddies because I really liked her idea of making cookies without eggs so that you can eat a lot of cookie dough. She is a professional baker and owns a lot of bakeries in the United States. Lily's idea came up when she was eating cookie dough one day and her mom told her to stop because it had eggs in it. She then knew that if she tried to make cookie dough without eggs, people could now eat larger amounts of it. (But more so that she could eat a lot of cookie dough without being told to stop.) Now that I am part of Fat Daddies I am proud to say who wants to make some "dough" with cookie dough? 2bplily