Business Plan

Hi, I'm Charlie and I'm twelve years old. I maybe small, but I have big ideas. I have already started a business with only pens and pencils.The name of my product is Mega-E-Pen. The Mega-E-Pen erases every writing substance, has a laser pen, red, yellow, blue, and green pens, permanent marker, pencil and pencil sharpener. My product will be successful because it's a combination of many needed writing materials and more.The Mega-E-Pen will succeed because it erases everything! It takes me $5 to make this product and I've sold 30,000 already. This product costs $15 at Target and Walmart. The people who will buy my product are adults, kids, and teens. I will advertise to potential buyers by posting ads everywhere. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, ect. I think the flashlights and lasers may not be bright enough. One potential criticism or pitfall of my business will be the lights on this pen. They can dim out, and to get over this I will make more products with non-dimming light and brighter ones. My product is great because it's a combination of everything you including an all purpose eraser. I have advertised well enough to get my product out there, and I know it will succeed. I will come over my pitfall and make this pen better then before. I've started a business at age 12 and I know it will succeed.


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Someone is joining my business plan. She will be helpful because she has very good ideas. She thought of adding a highlighter and a safer flashlight. Their area of specialty is drawing. She will help me do commercials, showing off The Mega-E-Pen with her drawing skills. She has gone to Michigan and Michigan State, and the total of years she went to college is 8. She very intelligent and I think she will be a great addition the The Mega-E-Pen business.

What are two great things your product (from the comments)?: One great thing from my product from the comments is that you don't have to carry a pencil case, you have everything right in one pen. The other thing is that there have been pens, pencils, sharpies etc. with other colors on them but there hasn't been a pen that has not only colors but also the different writing utensils.

What are two things your business needs to improve (also from the comments)?: My product needs to improve because some people might think that it was a lot to have on a pen. Also don't use Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, or other things like that.

How will you improve the business based on the criticism?: I will make a set of 3 pens each evenly distributing the features of the Mega-E-Pen. I will still use the social media websites so I can have advertising.