Cariel's business plan

Safari girls
by: Cariel Gamlin

Hi. I am Cariel, head of safari girls granddaughter of business owner Charlotte sledge.I am in 6 grade. I love animals, do science,and help grandma with her business. It is a honor to introduce to you safari girls. Safari girls is a strong durable a hundred percent cotton clothing and bold accessories with style. Not just stylish clothing with cool print but five percent of the money will go to wildlife protection. I think my business will be successful because of how stylish and creative the designs are. I will also give you ninety percent of the company. I think my product is high rate in quality of manufacturing. I also ship my products. I do not have any sales yet because I just started this business.

Women Safari Clothing
Women Safari Clothing
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I am leaving my business to join Emily's business because i do not think my business will survive. Thank you to all who thought my business will survive. I really will miss being apart of this business. The new business i am being apart of is more of my type. My partner is very talented in music. The name of my new business is Magnificent Melodies.