Business plan

My name is Brina and my business is Electric Lipstick. My product is Shockingly Beautiful. It is a line of products of different lipstick flavor's (flavors) . This lipstick is not an(y) ordanary (Ordinary) lipstick, it tazes someone trys to steel (steal) or hurt you. I think my business will be successful because, there are many crimes. The cost of my product is $20 each. My product will succeed because, a lot of people are against gun violince (violence) but, they still need to protect them self. I think mostly woman will buy this product.



I am leaving my business for Charlie's. I am leaving because, I had criticism and I thought that my product was not the best.
I also thought my product was not very useful or helpful. My product was also thought of in another business,
so I thought my partner had a better idea. I like my partner's idea because, it has a lot of pros and not many cons.