Business Plan

Hi, I'm Ava Sarris. I must ask you: Have you ever wanted a swim cap that WON'T get your hair wet? Well, I know I have. With my new product,you can swim however you want with a swim cap, without getting your hair wet!

My product's name is DryCap. It's almost like it has 3 swim caps in one! It is made with silicone so it will not break as easy. Plus, you can get it customized for you or your team!

Even though my product will appeal to mostly girls, I still know this will be sucsessful(successful) product because it shows that there is a population of more girls that swim that boys. So more girls will want there hair dry.

The cost to make each one was $6. I am going to sell them for $12, which is the same price as a regular swim cap, so custumers(customers) will be convinced to buy more. My product is a great idea. Though it is the same price as a regular swim cap, it is 10x better.

Once again, my product will sell/appeal to mostly girls who either swim competitively or leisurely.

I have been trying to make this business a success for about a year now. I plan to start selling the DryCap at local athletic stores. I plan to advertise this by making a social media account for my product such as, a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then maybe even a commercial or an ad in the newspaper.

Criticisms I have had from my product were people saying things like "It probably won't work." or "It's just another typical swim cap."
Well, it's not just any swim cap it's a DryCap!

One pitfall had was a lot of trial and error. I am still working on ways to make this business even better! I have overcome this by realizing that first few didn't turn out so well, so I used a better material and I let my customers customize their swim cap.

Once again, my product is great because, it still does the same job a swim cap only it keeps your hair dry!

I WILL make this product a success! I promise this product will be a an international successes! I will be able to make millions, if you join my DryCap business today!

Marketing Plan

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