Business Plan

Have you ever worn a swimsuit that was either to tight or to lose. Now there's the light suit. I am AJ Zako with the light suit.
The light suit makes you go faster through the water because of its light materials. It has a touch screen on the side of it that doesn't add any weight to the suit so you can plug in your ear buds that come with the suit that are water proof and listen to music.
It will be a successful product because there are many swimmers that getting red marks on their skin and want to go faster.
The cost of my product is $30.00 per suit. It costs $3.00 to make. My product will succeed because there are lots of swimmers that want to swim faster.
Swimmers will buy my product because most swimmers want to swim faster.
I will advertise to buyers by making a webpage and flyers on trees and such. My timeline is I will start with flyers and then make a webpage after i have enough money i will make a commercial.
Criticisms of my idea are nobody wants to buy another swim suit. Not everybody is a swimmer and more and more people are quitting swimming. But if you go faster kids like it more and the light suit makes you go faster.
My product is great because it will help swimmers go faster and not give them red marks on their skin.
This is the light suit and we like to glide. $30.00 per suit and made with light materials. Buy the light suit now.

2. If you have someone joining your business, post why they are joining. (how will they be helpful, what is their area of speciality, endorse their background, )

I have recruited a new employee. His name is Fernando. He is joining my business because I need some help with the business. His area of specialty is speed and aerodynamics. He is a nice guy and a very hard worker. He obeys the rules and will be a great help.

Marketing Plan

What I am going to do for marketing is start of with probably a webpage or an instagram, facebook, or twitter.

Marketing plan

Aj and fernando's marketing plan.jpegTwitter

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Hi im AJ and this is Fernando. We are the creators of the brilliant light suit. We came up with this idea when I was at swim practice and I saw one of my teamates going really slow. I kind of felt bad because he was trying really hard and wasnt swimming really fast. Then I thought what if there was a product that made you swim faster and it was very comfortable. Also you can listen to music and it comes with underwater earbuds. Then I said " I shall call it the light suit". and another good thing is that it comes in great colors and its very good price. Not very swimmer is Michael Phelps, But with this company every swimmer can have that edge, so who wants to invest in me and make faster swimmers and HUGE profits.