Business Plan

My name is Cole Sutton and I'm selling the worlds lightest cleats. I've already sold 423 pairs and counting.

The name of my product is the supa lights. They are super light cleats with great grip, so you can run faster with better traction. The reason my product will be successful is that there are cleats but none like mine.

The cost of my product to manufacture is $20 to $30 and their retail price is $80 to $90 dollars. So I can make a clear 60 to 70 dollars on one shoe. The people who will buy my product are athletes and kids. So they can improve their game. I will advertise by sponsoring sports teams, and starting a webpage online. Another way I will advertise is commercials during football games and shows.

Some of the criticism I get is that there are a bunch of good cleats already that are good. But have you ever felt how heavy some of those are and that can really slow you down, so I custom engineer my cleats to make you run as fast as you would without cleats.

The reason my product is great is that they can improve your forty-yard dash by 0.8 seconds. Which I think is a pretty big deal because if it can improve your 40 by 0.8 seconds it can improve your 100 by 2 seconds! It can also improve your quickness so you can make jukes like there's no tomorrow. The reason that you should join my business is that it is already very successful in marketing. I am planning to get my product at all of the Dick and Durham's sports stores. Eventually my company will start sponsoring teams. I will all so create new shoes for other sports like basketball and tennis. If you invest you can double your money in a matter of days, I promise.

I am joining the buisness called Xtra pop because I like the idea of many flavors with 0 sugar. Also I think pop will be eaiser to make then cleats and cost less. Also the owner Brandon Myers is recruiting me. Another reason i'm switching is that there are already alot of light cleats already but not alot of 0 sugar pop with taste. It is also eaiser to sell a drink but it's pretty hard to sell cleats to people. Also the business owner Brandon Myers has had some some great experience at being a entreprenuer. 2bpBrandon
1. Go to your previous business plan page and on the bottom 1. If you're leaving your business, write a paragraph explaining why. (problems with prior business, really like other person's idea, business plan full of criticisms you never thought of, ) Also, detail why you like the new product that you're patrnering with. Post link to new page.