Business Plan

Have you ever needed to go to a gym to a workout or do gymnastics? My name is Brendan, I'm a 6th grader but my products have sold to gyms and homeowners everywhere. My product the fold up equipment is really useful and easy to use. It is gymnastics equipment that can be easily assembled and taken apart so as to be stored easily.

My product will be successful because a lot of gymnasts either don't have the money to afford going to the gym or the want to practice at home. My product will succeed because colleges like the University of Michigan use their basketball court to set up gymnastics equipment and have meets. So this leads to collages buying my product because it's easy to set up and take down, also many gymnasts want to practice at home. It costs about $20-$40 to make the products and i will be selling them for $120-$140 so I'll make $80-$120.

People that will buy my product are people that need to practice gymnastics at home. Some of the ways I will advertise are a website, facebook, twitter, and other social media. Mainly I will kick-start the business by making the advertisements and then start to find other things to do when the business gets more money like have a commercial.

Some criticisms could be that the equipment fell apart once put up but soon it will be much stronger. A potential pitfall could be that nobody will buy it because they don't trust it will hold them, but I will overcome this by showing them that it works.

My product is great because it is cheap and it is useful. My product is cheap, people will buy it, there isn't a lot of room for criticism, and there are a lot of ways to advertise this. This is a great product to invest in. Thank you for your time.

I'm leaving my business because my product is really bad and only made about $0.07. Deans product is 120% better than mine even if it is an invisible light bulb. My business was just an idea because I couldn't think of anything else. He says I will get $25 a day. My job is to help his other employees pack but I also help manage the business because it is to hard for one man. I thank him for letting me into his business.