Business Plan

Did you ever want a little Xtra ("Extra") pop? Well you came to the right guy. Hi I'm Brandon Myers and I'm the founder of Xtra the zero calories and zero sugar beverage company. So do you want Xtra.(?) My name of my product is Xtra beverage company. It's a soft drink with zero calories and zero sugars with variety of flavors.

It will be successful because it's the only drink out their with zero calories and zero sugars. My product will succeed because it's zero calories and zero sugars and most people will be intrigued. The cost of my product to make it is $0.20-$0.30 just like Coca-Cola. I will charge my product for $1.00-$1.29. It's a good range for a drink Coca-Cola charges $1.50 and Pepsi charges $1.30.

Everybody would buy my product because it's a soft drink and anybody could buy this so this product is for everyone.I would advertise by maybe doing a billboard, maybe give discounts would catch some attention, getting ads on newspaper, getting a website, then get social, then make commercials. I would first get a website,then get social, ads on newspaper, discounts, billboard, then commercial.

Some people don't think this product will work because coke has zero calories but not no sugars. One potential criticism of my business is that Coca-Cola has a zero calories drink but mine has no sugars. I will overcome this by saying "I have no sugars don't believe Coca-Cola believe Xtra". " Do you want a little Xtra?",

My product is great because my Xtra has zero calories and zero sugars unlike Coca-Cola. With high advertising and a great product this is going to be big. With little cost to make it and high profit margin you would want to buy this. With high expectations in the business world, this product is sell like Coca-Cola did. With high potential I'm going to say this one last time." Do you want Xtra?"

I am recruiting Cole Sutton. I am recruiting Cole because is a smart entrepreneur and he is a master in this department. Some of his background is he went to Berkshire Middle School and he went to Harvard University for college.His area of specialty is Financial and I needed a good fit then I saw that Cole just got laid I scooped him up and put him at Xtra Inc. He will be helpful in the the CFO(Chief Financial Officer) position. Another part of his background is he worked for Apple, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Microsoft that's why I recruited Cole Sutton. Since I recruited Cole I am adding all new flavors to Xtra Inc it's going to be amazing with Cole Sutton on the team of Xtra Inc. 2bpCole

Marketing Plan


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