“Training completed “announced the computer program in the training room. As I look at my fellow teammates I see them tied and gagged to the ceiling. Then I realized I was gagged too. I took my laser in my watch and cut them down and then myself. We ripped of our gags out of our mouth Christine coughed “So you failed again.” Yelled Sergeant Arc though his microphone up in the balcony. I Growled At Chris “Setting off traps Chris? Are you insane? Come on that is sloppy work.” “Sloppy work? You know nothing about sloppy work you were doing sloppy work, leader.” Arc rambled. I said proudly “I did not fail them sir. They failed me!” Is that chatter I hear Son? “Arc Yelled “I am not a boy I am a Girl Sir.” I interrupt.”You are supposed to be on the field in a month fully trained to fight the most wanted criminals in the world and were still on square one. So no back chatter… Catherine.”Arc said intensely.
“Meet me at seven were going to have a talk.” I whispered. The glared at me then arc and walked to their dorms. As I was in my dorm throwing my ninja throwing stars at my ceiling. Thinking was is their weaknesses? Well Chris is afraid of getting into good raps and not good at hand to hand combat. Wow that is a lot! Christine can’t swim and has anger issues. Hmm I guess I could teach them how and help Christine control her anger and put it on the bad guys.” Were waked up early like I said at seven they. Were there with their mission suits and Gadget belt “So with the early wake up Cat ?” Yawned Chris. “Yeah Cat” yawned the other. “Well now that you asked we are going to train the right way by facing our fears.” I said glad. “Aw come on. We can be the spies Arc wants us to be or better.” I murmured. “Fine, But you better teach me how to swim.”
“You guys did great on swimming now try kickboxing. Start by doing one hundred crunches and twenty laps.” I said as I was drying my hair.”Aw come on!” Mumbled Chris. “Alright let’s hop to it!” I yelled.
They took about an half an hour Christine was furious. [ that’s what I was going for ]
Dragon Queen

6 out of 10
The story was okay but it's not my kind of story.
it was scratchy some parts were good some were bad.
Most of the story was talking and flash backs.
over all it was good.

5out of 10
I liked it and i didn't it wasn't real or
like real life.
saw no moral. It wasn't visual. I liked the setting
and what the story was about.

Amber Petdle

9 out of 10
this story was a thriller. I love it at some part it wasn't the best.
Out of all it was good.
I love it gave me chills.I
would recommend this book to anyone who likes thrillers.
10 out of ten.
I love it it was so scary. it makes me never want to go in my room again. it was the best story i read out of all of them. i recomend it.