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The Quack
The reason I gave this book one out of ten is because it really wasn't well written. I thought the author did a very bad job of was original, but was not creative in the good way. I didn't understand it nor did it make sense. It also looked like the author didn't put much time into the was quite short. I think if the author wanted to have a fiction story, he should've put more sense into it.

Blood Trail
I gave this story a 9/10 because I am personally very interested in mystery, page turner kind of books. This story had a very interesting plot twist along with it. I would've gave the story 10/10, however the author changed the spelling of the main character's name in the middle of the story, which was a little confusing. But other than that I thought that is story was interesting and well written.

Shark Attack
I gave this story a 9/10 because, I thought it was a good book, it was a lot different then the other stories I read. It almost felt like it was a true story. It had a very good word choice and it was very well written. I think that the only thing that hurt the author's rating was it should've been a little bit longer, it was by far a page turner, so I think that person should've wrote about what it was like when he got out of the hospital after the shark attack. But besides that, it was very good!

Bob The Tennis Ball
The reason I am giving this story 3/10, is because it was well written and all, but I just thought it was kind of stupid. It's about a tennis ball that gets sick and dies. I thought that was kind of odd. You could tell the author really tried, it just wasn't my cup of tea, I guess.

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Riches to Reality

“Blair! Smile for me!” “Rumor has it Blair Van Der Woodsen is off the market and has a new boyfriend!” “Blair, are you going to hit another paparazzi?” “Hey Blair over here!” said dozens of paparazzi. Let me introduce my self. I am Blair Van Der Woodsen, actress, model, and superstar. Obviously, I am used to the whole paparazzi thing. I’m probably one of the best, most famous performer, model, star ever. Well next to some other sub par actors, but other than that, I’m pretty fabulous. I have to very close best friends, Serena Waldorf and Meredith Stevens. Well, I thought they were my best friends…you’ll find out more about that a little bit later. How about I just tell you now.
On a fabulous, sunny Saturday, the doorbell to my mansion rang. It was my agent, Jimmy Humphrey. He was probably the best agent in all of California. He was usually a very cheerful and happy person…but when he walked into my house that day, he was not his usual self. He walked in with magazines and newspapers. All the headlines read “Blair’s Psycho!” “Blair Van Der Woodsen’s a self-centered, stuck up snob!” “Ok, ok don’t worry! I’m your agent, I can fix this. I’m very disappointed you, but I can fix this!” said Jimmy. “Why are you acting like its such a big deal?! It’s obviously fake!” I said. “Well, I mean, um, you have been a little, ugh, how do I put this, um, self-centered, I guess.” He replied. “Ugh, no I haven’t. It’s not my fault I’m amazing!” I said. “That’s exactly what I mean! I’m leaving!” Jimmy said angrily. I quickly called Serena and Meredith. “It’s ok Blair, this happens to every celebrity.” Said Meredith. “Yeah, she’s right Blair just calm down.” Serena said. “Well it doesn’t happen to me. I’m not just one of the sub par celebrities. I’m Blair Van Der Woodsen. I’m amazing.” I replied. “Maybe they were right. You are a stuck up snob! Ugh, c’mon Serena. Let’s get out of here.” Said (maybe you could use a different word than 'said') Meredith.
Well it turns out everybody thought I was a stuck up snob. If I went to go get my nails done, the people there would fight over who DIDN’T have to do my nails. People were scared to talk to me thinking that I would brag about myself, and make them my servant. What was I going to do? Then suddenly, Jimmy called me, telling me that he had the perfect plan. He told me he would come over later that night to discuss what we were going to do.
Jimmy came over and gave me a list of ideas. Some ideas where: go to Africa to help kids in need; donate money to different charity’s; help out at homeless shelter, etc. They all sounded great and all, but, they required a lot of time dedication and possibly a chipped manicure! Jimmy told me it wasn’t about that. It was about my reputation. Finally I came up with an idea! Serena, Meredith, and I, all own a high-end clothing boutique called Glamour. I figured with every purchase, it would go to a children’s hospital. But first, I had to make sure Meredith and Serena were still my friends. I found that they were hanging out in Serena’s house. I went over there, but they wouldn’t even speak to me! “C’mon on guys! It’s for charity. I promise I won’t be “self-centered” anymore! Please?” I pleaded. “Promise?” mumbled Serena. “Promise what?” I asked. “Promise that you won’t be the stuck up snob you usually are.” Serena replied. “Fine, I promise.” I said. Meet me in the store tomorrow morning. “Got it!” they both replied eagerly.
“Look at this we have Blair, doing charity work!” “Is this just an act?” “What is she trying to do this for?” “Get more info at!” “This just in, Blair Van Der Woodsen, doing charity work!” shouted a bunch of paparazzi’s. That day, Glamour raised $2,000(this seems like a small amount of money. looks like you just sold a single dress) to put towards charity. Before I knew it, I was on the cover of magazines and celebrity gossip sites everywhere! I had no longer the tittle of being, self-centered. Everybody loved me again. But don’t worry. I acted very mature and responsible about the whole thing.(I hope you're writing more because this seems a bit cut off)

Ella and Charlie
We thought your story was well writen. You could of added more details and stop using said. Maybe exclaimed, screamed, ect. Also, the story seems like it goes by very fast...too fast. Otherwise, very well written and good details!