Mr.Jackson i think that you look like a little older version of Rooney. But i I have to admit that you look a little bit like him. But do they all say that where ever you go. and did they what a signature of any thing like a hand shake etc.

I see that you are playing with those kids. How old are they and are you playing a game if you are what game are you playing. Also what celebratory do you look like or what do they think you look like. Another question i was wondering is that in Ghana is there not a lot of rain but when there is is there a lot for an hour or two.Where are you staying now after that thunderstorm because didn't you go to a hotel?

I can’t believe that’s there computer and that what they use. I have a question, how many computers do they have and how many times do they use them because it don’t seem that they would have a lot. If that's so i don't know what i would do because i use the computer of phone or any other electronics every day. Also, where would they buy that computer and how much would it cost

I think a funeral should be a celebration because people should be happy that I’m going to a better place (heaven). Also they should be happy/celebration because, there would be nothing said about me going to a better place unless they were tears of joy. But i do think they should be a little sad. That’s what i think a funeral should be.

From the videos, what do you find horrific about child slavery and why (cite specific examples)?
what i find horrific about child slaver is that you start at such a young age. Also, that the people that own them don't realize
what there doing wrong. And that there moms and dads are selling them for money. And why would the owner put them in harsh condition when hes risking
there lives. I also, find it horrific that there chained by or on there bed, it would feel like
you couldn't escape or a little freedom. That what i find horrific about child slavery.