BANG …………………………………It happened he fell cold to the ground.
November 3, 1992
I was there in my room grounded from my electronics, there sitting on my bed staring at my roof I was wondering if I would ever survive this boredom, I was clearly going to just I was clearly being over dramatic I was thinking of going out side but I was just to lazy to put my snow gear on so I didn’t, I was sliding down the handle of the stairs and I just put my shoes on and screamed “MOM IM LEAVING” before she could say anything I shut the door and all I could hear was mumbling through the door I ran as fast as I could for my dirt bike I pumped once, didn’t work pumped twice as soon as possible I hoped on it and rode away at the back of my head I could just hear my mom screaming but couldn’t clearly understand what she was saying didn’t know where I was going but I just rode and wile I was riding I realized I was clearly passing the speed limit and while I said that I saw in the side of my eye I saw the colors red white and blue flashing behind me and a second after that I heard a siren and I turned my speed all the way up and I then found and alley where the police car can’t fit and then I see a piece of wood in a 40 degree angle that lead into a alley so I pulled my speed all the way back and I jumped and I did what I thought was the most awesome jump ever because after that I escaped and I went home I entered my house by the back door and I didn’t say anything I had a bad feeling about this and then “BAM”
November 12, 1992
I opened my eyes and I was in a hospital I screamed for my mom but a nurse came out and she said that I have been in a coma for nine days because my mom accidently hit me with a base ball bat in the head so I put my clothes on and I go to my house there was no one there so I grabbed a big bag and put canned food and other stuff like clothes and weapons like knifes sticks and a phone I also brought a car battery and my night vision goggles and a lot of rope then I went onto my dirt bike and rode far away and I got to a forest and then I got off and ran to the bushes and I ran until I found a good spot to spend the night my plan was to survive about 2 weeks in there so I started climbing a tree and brought sticks up with me than I made a little hut up there tying my rope with sticks and making a hut I put my night vision goggles and slept for about 8 hours I woke up the next day and I was thinking what my mom was thinking so I started running back home and when I got near I heard faded police sirens then I started to look kind of around my house and I saw they were interviewing my mom and she was crying I could not handle myself I started running towards my mom and hugged her police and interviewers and a news truck came so I ran inside my house and I hided in there my mom came rushing through the door and hugged me